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Feeds for juvenile fish and especially seahorses:  

AlgaMac 3050:

  • Is a drum-dried Schizochytrium algae in flake form (1.5mm)  
  • Used as live algae replacement, for Artemia enrichment or a formula ingredient

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AlgaMac Enhance:

  • Is a spray dried Crypthecodinium and Haemaetococcus algae in powder form
  • High in DHA and natural astaxanthin
  • Contains inactivated yeast to provide an additional source of amino and nucleic acids, vitamins and beta glucans

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AlgaMac ARA:

  • Contains a minimum 12% by weight of ARA (arachidonic acid)
  • Unique phospholipid source of arachidonic acid
  • Suitable as a component for broodstock/spawner and larval diets
  • Also readily ingested by Artemia nauplii

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