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AQUI-S NZ & Aquatic Diagnostic Services Int. P/L Renew Distribution Agreement

Aquatic Diagnostic Services Int. P/L (ADSI) is pleased to announce a major price reduction in the aquatic anaesthetic, AQUI-S, due to the high demand of the product in Australia. In it’s 10th anniversary year ADSI has renewed it’s 5 year distribution agreement with AQUI-S NZ Ltd, to continue to bring to the Australian market the only aquatic anaesthetic approved by APVMA, that has a nil with-holding period, making it perfect to be used for rested harvesting, live transport, spawning etc. Due to the strong demand of AQUI-S in Australia, ADSI can now pass on significant price reductions to the farmer, making the product even more cost effective.


AlgaMac 2500, Enhance & ARA - new hatchery products from ADSI & Aquafauna Biomarine

Aquatic Diagnostic Services International (ADSI) P/L is pleased to announce new AlgaMac products from the USA’s No. 1 hatchery diet manufacturer and supplier, Aquafauna Bio-Marine. Aquafauna Bio-Marine’s range of premium quality hatchery diets has been increased with the introduction of Algamac 2500, a spray-dried Crypthecodinium algae in powder form containing high levels of DHA (42% of total fatty acids), Algamac Enhance, a spray dried mix of Crypthecodinium and Haemaetococcus algae in powder form, high in DHA and natural astaxanthin; and Algamac ARA which contains a minimum 12% by weight of ARA (arachidonic acid), a unique phospholipid source of arachidonic acid suitable as a component for broodstock/spawner and larval diets also readily ingested by Artemia nauplii.

For further information on the products, Algamac 2500, Enhance & ARA and other Aquafauna hatchery products including brine shrimp, visit ABM’s website at: and to find out prices and to order, email or call Dr Darryl Hudson @ ADSI on 0409727853 .


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