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ADSI has been involved actively in the diagnosis of disease problems for a wide variety of aquaculture projects and government agencies.

ADSI is composed of a group of qualified scientists and veterinarians who have specialised in the diseases of aquatic species, and more importantly, have direct practical experience of the impact and treatment of disease on commercial aquaculture ventures.

Following is a comprehensive list of the projects in which ADSI has played a key role.

  • (Fin)fish Experience
  • Shellfish Experience
  • Crustaceans Experience
  • Crocodiles Experience
  • Additional Contributions & Experience

(Fin)fish Experience

Health monitoring and nutrition development for silver perch aquaculture operations in Qld.

Diagnosis and recommendations as to treatment for disease in ornamental fish species.

Development of health management programs for leading Australian importer/exporter of ornamental fish species.

Epidemiological studies on Piscean tuberculosis in Melanotaenia duboulayi.

Investigations into the aetiological agent of non-specific granulomatous lesions in Goldfish.

Disease investigation and health monitoring for Live fish export companies in Queensland.

Applied research into the benefit of immunostimulants on fish health.

Investigation into the cause of wild fish kills (pathology, toxicology and interpretation), Gold Coast, for the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage.

Shellfish Experience

Testing of Sydney rock oysters in Qld and NSW for QX disease (Marteilia sydneyi).

Development of DNA-based diagnostic tests for oyster pathogens.

Diagnosis of Bonamiasis of flat oysters in Victoria and Tasmania.

Investigation of bacteriosis of pearl oysters (Pinctada maxima) in Western Australia.

Disease investigation of abalone (Haliotis ruber) in New South Wales.

Investigation of wasting disease of pearl oysters (Pinctada maxima) in Western Australia.

Crustaceans Experience

Diagnosis and identification of prawn viruses in New South Wales (NSW) & Queensland (QLD) prawn farms culturing Penaeus monodon (MBV) & Penaeus japonicus (parvo-like virus).

Virus screening & certification of postlarval prawns.

Screening of Australian penaeids for the viral disease (IHHNV) using DNA gene probes.

Testing of effluent from northern NSW prawn farms to EPA standards.

Independent field and laboratory testing of the efficacy of immunostimulants on postlarval prawn survival for an Australian Veterinary product distributor.

Identification of parasites and diseases of red claw crayfish. Screening of Cherax destructor for Microsporidiosis in crayfish farms in Penrith, NSW. Chitinoclastic fungal disease identification from red claw crayfish from S.E. Queensland.

Baculovirus & Rickettsia identification from red claw crayfish from S.E. Queensland.

Identification of temnocephalans and acarians from spiny crayfish, Euastacus sp. from NSW.


Disease diagnosis & treatment of salt water crocodiles in the Northern Territory.

Formulation of trial diets for saltwater crocodiles.

Additional Contributions & Experience

Site selection for fish farms in Northern Territory & New South Wales.

Reports on the role of disease in dolphin strandings for SeaWorld on the Gold Coast. Identification of algal species, e.g. blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) in aquaculture ponds and natural waterways surrounding prawn farms in south-east Queensland.




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