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ADSI provides:

The Australian aquaculture industry with reliable, high quality products that complement aquatic animal health solutions. ADSI has important alliances with leading international manufacturers of aquatic sedatives, spqniong products and hatchery feeds.


ADSI also provides diagnostic services for Aquaculture

ADSI personnel have experience in all aspects of disease diagnosis, treatment and management practices for aquatic organisms ranging from cultured molluscs through ornamental fish species to crocodiles. ADSI provides extensive diagnostic services including pathology, microbiology (bacterial and viral), parasitology, biochemistry and DNA based diagnostic techniques.

 ADSI specialises in disease management which includes rapid and accurate diagnosis of the pathogens in conjunction strategies to minimise the impact of the disease or the recurrence of the disease. Strategies may include: the adjustment of environmental parameters; therapeutic treatment of stock; regular stock health assessment; and if the need arises, the prescription of specific treatments to animals under the care of our veterinarian.



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