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  • Aquatic anaesthetic designed for finfish & shellfish
  • Registered in Australia by APVMA
  • 500 degree day withholding period (i.e. 25 days @ 20oC)


Spawning products


  • Compress the spawning season
  • Coordinates spawning times
  • Increases milt production in males safely and with predictable results
  • Contains an analogue of salmon GnRH, the native peptide found in most teleost fish
  • Also contains a dopamine inhibitor that is required in many cultured fish species
  • Begins to induce maturation immediately (species dependant) after injection for fast results
  • Comes in a formulated concentration that can be used in any size of fish
    registered in Australia by APVMA

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  • Is a mammalian peptide analogue
  • Stimulates fish production of hormones to release milt or eggs
  • Comes in a formulated concentration that can be used in any size of fish
  • Registered in Australia by APVMA

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  • Is a synthetic analogue of Salmon GnRH
  • Is up to 17 times more potent than LHRH in fish
  • Registered in Australia by APVMA

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  • 24 implants per cassette
  • Allows a slow release of the salmon GnRH analogue

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  • Injector gun to be used with Ovaplant



  • Needles to be used with Ovaplant and the Ralgun


Hatchery Feeds

AlgaMac 3050:
  • Is a drum-dried Schizochytrium algae in flake form (1.5mm)  
  • Used as live algae replacement, for Artemia enrichment or a formula ingredient

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AlgaMac Protein Plus:

  • Contains five alga, Schizochytrium, Crypthecodinium, Chorella, Spirulina and Haemaetococcus plus vitamins, attractants and pigmentation
  • High DHA levels
  • Used as live algae replacement or for Rotifer enrichment

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AlgaMac Enhance:

  • Is a spray dried Crypthecodinium and Haemaetococcus algae in powder form
  • High in DHA and natural astaxanthin
  • Contains inactivated yeast to provide an additional source of amino and nucleic acids, vitamins and beta glucans

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AlgaMac ARA:

  • Contains a minimum 12% by weight of ARA (arachidonic acid)
  • Unique phospholipid source of arachidonic acid
  • Suitable as a component for broodstock/spawner and larval diets
  • Also readily ingested by Artemia nauplii

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  • Has a higher nutritional profile than Artemia (un-enriched)
  • Is designed to replace a significant amount (up to 100%) of live Artemia usage
  • Plus added AlgaMac3050 for necessary levels of DHA to help promote growth/survival

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  • Spray dried powder, supplement live algae

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Brine Shrimp (Artemia):

  • 90% hatch, Utah brine shrimp

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  • a natural source of astaxanthin, derived from a unique strain of yeast
  • concentrated form of natural astaxanthin has been carefully formulated into a fine, free flowing dark red powder
  • is an essential nutritional requirement and a pigment source for aquatic animals


Water Treatment


  • Water conditioner which forms a protective coat to reduce friction and abrasion
  • Perfect to use in: live transport tanks; recirculation systems; hatcheries on handling equipment and surfaces

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  • Is a 20 percent active, food grade silicone emulsion
  • Limits the generation of foam in both freshwater and saltwater aquaculture operations
  • Perfect to use in: live transport tanks; recirculation systems; hatcheries; aquariums or any place where there is foam production



Twitch Tester

  • Reliable quick non-invasive test
  • Determines rigor development in the fish post harvest
  • Translates into many benefits for both the harvesting & processing


 Fish Spike (Ike Jime)

  • Kills fish quickly & humanely
  • Delays rigor mortis process














  • 1,3 beta glucan
  • Feed additive for the aquaculture & ornamental fish industries.



  • highly concentrated synthetic fish attractant
  • powder form
  • stimulated feeding response in a wide variety of marine and freshwater organisms

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